3 Must Have Items to Include in your Brag Book

During the pharmaceutical sales interview process, you will certainly have the opportunity to utilize your brag book to support your candidacy.  As someone who has interviewed countless candidates, I often get asked the question; What should I include in my brag book?  Here are three must have items to include in your brag book and why:

1. Objective Sales Results:  As stated in an earlier post, you will absolutely be asked STAR questions.  How better to show a “result” of your actions than objectives sales based results?  Be prepared to explain what you are showing, as good interviewers will not take it for face value.  They will want you to clearly describe what they are looking at.  Remember if you are coming from a different industry, the interviewer might want to know the following:

  • Where you were ranked and how many people you were ranked against.
  • Where you finished versus your peers in ranking for the full year (here is where they would look for consistency of results over time)
  • Did you have bad quarters as it relates to results and if so were you able to bounce back? (Here they will be looking for resiliency)

2. Analytics:  In pharma sales there will be a tremendous amount of analytics to draw from to understand your business or assigned territory.  Pharma reps utilize the analytics to look for trends, gaps in the business, business opportunities etc. If you are coming from a different industry and are able to show that you not only understood the analytics, but also that you were able to utilize them to create and execute strategies because of them. , this will certainly give you a leg up on the competition.

3. Professional Awards or Complimentary E-mails: The more the better.  If you have some type of award from your current or previous job such as Teacher of the Year or Employee of the Quarter, Real Estate Leader of the Quarter or whatever accolade from whatever industry, place it in your brag book.  Hopefully you have a certificate that looks official, to validate it.  A hiring manager wants a proven winner….if you can show that with tangible evidence and even utilize it as the “results” portion of some of your STAR questions, this will prove to be a tipping point in your favor.

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