Are More Pharma Reps Democrat or Republican?(A Poll)

Are more Pharma Reps Democrat or Republican?
Are more Pharma Reps Democrat or Republican?

In the spirit of the election season thought it would be appropriate to post about politics in the world of pharmaceuticals.  I mean here we are moving ever closer to a very pivotal election where our countries future will be decided by the decisions we make when we all go to the voting booths. Further, our industries future and the changes that come will also be decided with this upcoming election.  Will a Republican try to repeal Obamacare?  Will a Democrat continue the policies of President Obama?  These questions and many more may be answered with the next administration.  The height of political discussion is hitting its peak and is no different….we want to answer the question; Are More Pharma Reps Democrat or Republican?  Please take our poll:

Are more Pharma Reps (or Pharma Professionals) Democrat or Republican?
  • 75% - ( 12 votes )
  • 18.75% - ( 3 votes )
  • 6.25% - ( 1 vote )

As always the old foes pitted against each other are the Democrats versus the Republicans. The timeless battle persists on televisions, in cafes, around dinner tables, on Facebook, and pretty much everywhere else.  But we at TalkPharma are not concerned about the public at large as it relates to this post, we want to know what the world of pharmaceuticals thinks.  We are not even going to ask you to expound on why you believe in one ideology over the other, we simply want to know if you believe more pharmaceutical representatives (or Speacialty Reps, DM’s, RD’s, ABD’s, Pharma Executives) are Democrat or Republican?  We even give you an option to take the easy road, as we added the ability to vote that you believe most pharma reps (or professionals) are independents. Something tells me however that most pharma reps have strong opinions on the matter.



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