CafePharma: Phenomenal Internet Marketers?

canstockphoto23388289CafePharma has truly carved out a niche in the world of Pharmaceuticals.  That niche is a very big niche that thousands and thousands of pharma professionals are a part of.  When you go to CafePharma, there is nothing that is very aesthetically pleasing about the site in any way.  If I am truly being honest the site itself looks like it was put it together in some kids basement during his free time.  It is a straight forward website that basically offers no real proactively original content except industry news or items that have been tweeted by others that CafePharma in turn presents on their site.  Internet marketers who construct websites know that the good people at CafePharma are not writing the news, rather they are simply placing industry news on the home page which takes little to no real effort….we do it too.  You look around the home page and you see some Google advertisements which are par for the course for any marketing website.  So how is it possible that CafePharma is getting 7.5 Million views per month and “25,000 + unique visitors per day on weekdays“?  Take a look at this quote from the advertise page at CafePharma: is a website by pharmaceutical reps, for pharmaceutical reps, with news, research links, message boards, articles, and more. We currently receive approximately 7,500,000 page views per month (25,000 + unique visitors per day on weekdays), with daily traffic from behind the firewalls of most major and smaller pharmaceutical and biotech companies. In addition, we have a strong base of pharmaceutical job seekers and industry investors.  


Anyone who has ever been an internet marketer and created a website has to marvel at these visitor numbers.  Any website publisher has to be in awe of CafePharma.  I know I am!!  When you bounce around their site you will not see one original article written by someone at CarePharma.  But who cares…this is not what they are all about….they are not a blog site.  So how in the world does CafePharma do it?  They do it through….The Forums

Everyone who is anyone in the pharmaceutical world has at one point or another visited the ever present CafePharma Forum.  I would go so far to say that even executives of major pharmaceutical companies have frequented the CafePharma Forums to see what is going on.  This is where industry professionals go to anonymously:

  • Complain about their job
  • Complain about their boss
  • Talk smack about the company they work for
  • Talk smack about their partners
  • and more….

Further, CafePharma is where Managers, Regional Directors, Area Business Directors, and Executives go to:

  • See if anyone is complaining about them
  • See if anyone is complaining about their company
  • Perhaps to talk smack about others too
  • and more….

Many internet marketers have had forums on their websites before CafePharma and many will after but no one does it with the expertise that CafePharma does it!!  We have had a forum on for as long as the site has been in existence yet absolutely no one frequents it and no one contributes to it.  CafePharma has somehow has pulled off the impossible.  They have figured out a way to sit back and let all of you do the work while they are rewarded with unbelievable advertising opportunities.  The more people that visit and contribute to the content of the site through the CafePharma Forum, the more they are able to charge advertisers who want to get their ads in front of thousands and thousands a day.  They have created a beautiful machine and kudos to them for doing so. All of the pharmaceutical professionals in the world need a place to go to complain…..CafePharma has simply created the arena to do so.  In creating this machine take a look at the advertising dollars that CafePharma is able to charge. We pulled this directly from their site (at….here are just a few of many rates that CafePharma charges to advertise on their site:


Static Front Page Ads:

A limited number of static front page ads are also available. These ads will be shown each and every time the front page loads during the buy period (instead of rotating like banner ads). Discounts are given for quantity purchases:

per month: $4,200
per quarter: $12,000 ($4,000 monthly cost)

Message Board Sponsorship:

Message board sponsors will have a 160 x 400 pixel ad on the left-hand side of the message boards above the Google ads. The sponsorship ads are static and will show each and every time a message board page is loaded. They are an excellent value since our message boards receive in excess of 5.5 million pageviews per month. This works out to an approximate CPM of $2.40.

per month: $17,500

per quarter: $42,000 ($14,000 per month)  



Wow….these are astronomical numbers and frankly they are justified in charging advertisers these rates considering how many people frequent the site.  And these rates are all a result of you complaining about the company you work for or your boss or whatever else you feel like getting off your chest.  Further these are just two of many advertising opportunities that are presented…there are many more. In the world of Pharmaceuticals, CafePharma is a well known entity, but in the world of internet marketers they should be an even bigger case study!!  The internet is littered with forums that started with good intentions but fell short of expectations.  It is littered with websites that have tried and failed. CafePharma has figured out a way to make internet marketing look easy.

One of the more amazing things about their model is that when you are a pharmaceutical professional working for a conservative company, CafePharma is all very hush hush.  Everyone is afraid to speak about it as if they will get you in trouble by even mentioning the words.  This increases the allure and once there, you all let loose through your anonymous handle and blast off, spewing beautiful hatred from behind your keyboards.  That same person who calls their boss a “tool” on CafePharma, kisses his/her ass during the field ride.  Imagine being able to talk smack directly to your managers face yet never get in trouble because they don’t know it is you.  That is what CafePharma has created.  Bravo CafePharma…Internet marketers at their best!!