Are Pharma Reps Real Salespeople or just Promoters?

canstockphoto3993533In our last post, we explored the jump from Pharma Sales to Medical Device sales.  Many in the medical device industry look down upon Pharma Reps many times flat out saying that Pharma Reps should not be hired as Medical Device Reps because they are not real salespeople.  The thought being that Pharma Reps do not actually sell anything to the end user.  They do not actually get someone to sign on the dotted line to close the sale, rather they promote product to physicians who in turn prescribe to their patients.  So it begs the question; Are Pharma Reps real salespeople or just glorified promoters?  What are your thoughts?

We will let you be the judge with our latest poll….additionally if you want to comment, please use the comment section below.


Are Pharma Reps Real Salespeople or just Promoters?
  • 70% - ( 7 votes )
  • 30% - ( 3 votes )


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