Why are a lot of Doctors Socially Awkward?

Socially Awkward Doctor!!

Having been in the industry for 11+ years, I have come across some weirdo physicians!!  I mean in large part most physicians are nice people who are simply going to work each day like you and I, but for anyone who has been in this industry for any amount of time, you will undoubtedly come across some very awkward physicians.  In society there are plenty of socially awkward human beings but when it comes to the profession of being a doctor there are many.  When I first started in this industry I would often wonder why, but it makes perfect sense when you understand how much studying one must do to become a physician.  Let’s go over a few socially awkward doctor types:

The “Overly Affectionate” Physician:  You know that physician that has to give a kiss on the cheek to every good looking female rep in the industry that walks into their office.  Keeping in mind that pretty much every 20-something looks amazing to a 60 year old, we are talking about a lot of awkward kisses.  As a DM when I would have a field ride with some of my female reps it was unbelievably awkward to watch a grimy old physician be overly affectionate with some of my female reps.  Most of them were good sports about it….but my God it can be awkward.  Many of the female reps out there have to know what I am speaking of.

The “Book Smart Nerdy” Physician:  This the doctor who got unbelievably good grades in college and in medical school, but attended no parties nor ever went out on a date during his entire time in school.  He now makes a ton of money but has absolutely zero social skills.  He tries hard to be social but it is just awkward and difficult to be around.  Of course as reps you simply want the scripts so you pretend like he (or she) is cool and you make them feel like they are socially affable.

The “Angry Foreigner” Physician:  We have all frequented this doctor.  The guy that speaks broken English and always seems to have a look of disgust on his face.  This is the doctor who came from a foreign country, made it big in America, but for some reason feels it necessary to be angry all of the time.  Wouldn’t he/she be happy that they have such a good life in America?  Of course not…this doctor wears anger like a badge.  He is firing darts and you as the rep have a target on your back!

The “Guys-Guy” Doctor:  This is a male doctor who will speak in a way that objectifies woman directly to your face (if you are male) as if you are totally on board with this type of crass male chauvinism.  He will speak about female reps that both of you may know (from the field) in a sexual way and you have to sit there and listen nodding your head while you squirm in your seat.  This doctor thinks its cool at 60 years old to speak about a 25 year old female rep in a sexual way not knowing that political correctness has taken over the world.

The Wealthy “You Cant Teach Me Nothing” Doctor:  If you have been in this industry for a while, and you have had various territories, you may know this doctor if you worked a wealthy neighborhood.  Typically caucasian, this doctor thinks his sh*t doesn’t stink.  If you get beyond the gatekeeper at all it is a win.  When you get in front of this doctor you are better off talking to a wall.  He likely will not even lift his head at all.  Perhaps he grunts from time to time to pretend as if he is listening.  He feels as if you cannot teach him anything and his behavior is awkward.  He is better of having a no rep policy, but for whatever reason he wants to show you he is better than you by acting like a jackass to your face.

The “Managed Care Excuse” Doctor: This doctor will use the same exact excuse each and every time you see him for why he has never tried your medication….that excuse being managed care.  You will ask him if he has even tried to write your product and he will say “no” because of managed care.  If he has written it and it got kicked back he will tell you that he is never writing it again because of managed care.  When you say “good morning doctor” his response is….”managed care”.  When you say “take care doctor” as you are walking away he will wave his hand and say “managed care”.

The “I Want Lunches” Doctor:  This is the doctor that is just not shy at all about telling you he wants lunches.  In fact he will imply and his staff will imply that the only way to see him is through a lunch.  This is the guy that you think is super greedy but you don’t really care because you have a budget of money that is not your personal money so you oblige because it is a free lunch for you too.

These are a few of many doctor types out there.  There are plenty of socially competent physicians out there but if we are truly being honest, there are so many that are socially awkward.  Let us know some doctor types you have come across!

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