Don’t Complain about Pharma Reps if you Walk out of the Office with Free Samples

All Pharma reps have experienced the dirty looks directed at them by patients waiting in the waiting room.  I would say at least twice a day (maybe more) a pharma rep will walk into an office, speak to the gatekeeper, and be allowed behind the front desk to speak to the physician about their product(s)….all along the while receiving dirty looks from the patients who are sitting there waiting to see the physician themselves.  I

I left Pharmaceutical Sales and Started A Business – Part III

At this point after having negotiated a lease agreement for my retail location, furnished it, got all of the hardware and software in place, and got licensed through the state with the governing agency…I now not only owned a business but was operating one.  Now this was really scary.  As I said in Part II, I had a certain amount of money that I had dedicated to the business endeavor and if I ran out of

I left Pharmaceutical Sales and Started A Business – Part II

The franchise that I landed upon (after flirting with many) was one in which I had professional experience.  By that I mean, in my pharmaceutical career I sold or managed reps who sold many medications with varying indications.  The business that I chose basically allowed me to use my experience within pharma and reinvent it with my new business.  My franchise coach made the connection between my past pharma experience and this particular franchise. If

I Left Pharmaceutical Sales and Started a Business – Part I

Around 2 to 3 years ago, the very popular, very well known pharmaceutical organization that I was working for was acquired by a much larger pharmaceutical organization and despite the great success I had over the years, I was let go.  It didn’t matter that I had never finished outside the Top 12% nationally as a Territory Representative, or that I was the #1 Specialty Representative in the country for three straight quarters or that

An Interview with a Pharmaceutical Contract Rep that was Hired by Parent Company

Welcome to the latest installment of our interview series titled “An Interview with….”, where we interview professionals from the Pharmaceutical world.  In the latest installment we interview a rep that started out in the pharma industry as a contract rep, but was then hired by the parent company.  As with all interviews, our interviewee remains anonymous for the purpose of bringing you honest answers to honest questions.  Additionally most in the pharma sales professionals are

Weather and Pharmaceuticals

Weather and Pharmaceutical Sales

With the recent hurricane (Matthew) to hit the east coast I thought it apropos to discuss Weather and Pharmaceutical Sales.  More specifically the role that it plays when all of the  pharma reps are out there pounding the pavement.  Aside from hurricanes, having been a Rep and Manager in the Northeast for over a decade, it was not uncommon to have the yearly snow storm or two that hindered my ability to work.  Weather plays

Who are Pharma Professionals Voting for? (A Poll)

As we all know, the Presidential Election is getting closer by the moment.  The rhetoric is as feverish as it has ever been with insults being lobbed from both sides.  There are news channels taking sides, friends being lost over who they support, families are divided…but where does the pharma community stand?   Here is your chance as a pharma professional to anonymously vote.

Sales rep that ends day earlier than 5 PM

In the world of pharmaceuticals, every sales rep has a ton of autonomy.  In large part you are out there on your own pounding the pavement.  Each company in the industry has a very specific framework for what a day should look like.  Many tell you to make 10 calls a day.  Some companies want at least 8 calls a day.  Others say that they are looking for a specific quality of calls.  Nevertheless, it is

The Opportunity with the Aging of America?

America is aging…there is absolutely no doubt about it.  Here is a little snippet from a New York Times article by Timothy Williams: By 2050, 83.7 million Americans will be 65 or older, compared with 43.1 million in 2012, the report said. Fewer than 10 percent were older than 65 in 1970. These numbers are astounding and will no less lead to increased disease state populations in the Alzheimer’s/Dementia category amongst others.  This in turn will lead

Will Pharma Reps Ever be Obsolete? (A Poll)

I cannot tell you how many times an older rep or pharma sales professional secretly told me something along the lines of “In 5 years we will all be obsolete”.  I would brush it off because I was the company man and push forward.  My opinion is that the industry might change in various ways, but that there will always be a need for pharma sales reps.  My opinion is that pharma reps (especially the