What to do if you get Passed Up for a Promotion?

Have you ever gone for that Specialty Rep position but the other person got it?  Or perhaps you went for that DM position but your were beaten out by the guy you know you are more talented than.  It is a tough pill to swallow but it happens to the best of us in every industry across the world including pharmaceutical sales.  Sometimes we lose, but what exactly can you do to exact your revenge

Why are a lot of Doctors Socially Awkward?

Having been in the industry for 11+ years, I have come across some weirdo physicians!!  I mean in large part most physicians are nice people who are simply going to work each day like you and I, but for anyone who has been in this industry for any amount of time, you will undoubtedly come across some very awkward physicians.  In society there are plenty of socially awkward human beings but when it comes to

The Manager in Pharmaceuticals who becomes a Rep Again

Being a Manager in pharmaceuticals is no easy task.  Depending on the company you work for, the level of responsibility varies.  With that said, I understand firsthand what it is like to work for a company where the level of responsibility was tremendous.  You feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.  Additionally if you want to be good at it, there is no cutting corners, you are “all-in”….it is too hard to be

Do Pharma Reps look at Pharma Sales as a Career?

Having spent eleven years in the pharma industry I am have seen my share of professionals. The personalities are varied.  I have worked with some unbelievably smart professionals, some intuitive and inventive individuals, some that utilized effort, will, and passion as their calling card, and yet others who seemed uninterested.  I was always the worker who looked at my job as a career and put maximum effort and passion into it but I was always was very

Is Pharmaceutical Sales still a Great Industry?

The pharmaceutical sales industry was once an industry where thousands of young professionals longed to be. With innovative products hitting the market and the freedom as representatives to utilize your own creativity and salesmanship to sell, many were attracted to the once thriving profession.  But with so many changes and the increased scrutiny on the pharma industry, has the industry fallen on hard times?  Is the luster of the profession wearing off?

Do Pharmaceutical Reps “Phone it in” During the Holidays?

We all know that in the world of pharmaceutical sales there are ebbs and flows.  As a representative sometimes you have good days and sometimes you have bad days.  Sometimes your motivation is high and sometimes it is low. At times even your rankings are cyclical….there are quarters where you are moving on up and there are quarters when it seems as if there is no amount of selling skills that can keep you from

Why is there a culture of fear in Pharma?

Maybe it’s the compliance heavy verbiage that all pharmaceutical representatives are required to verbalize on every call in an effort to have a fair and balanced conversation about products?  Perhaps it’s the ultra conservative environment or culture that most pharmaceutical companies still embody and operate in.  Or maybe it’s even the internal competitiveness that is created when type “A” personalities all wish to win and get promoted.  It could even be the fact that many