An Interview with a Pharmaceutical Contract Rep that was Hired by Parent Company

Welcome to the latest installment of our interview series titled “An Interview with….”, where we interview professionals from the Pharmaceutical world.  In the latest installment we interview a rep that started out in the pharma industry as a contract rep, but was then hired by the parent company.  As with all interviews, our interviewee remains anonymous for the purpose of bringing you honest answers to honest questions.  Additionally most in the pharma sales professionals are

An Interview with a Regional Sales Manager

Welcome to installment #7 of our Interview Series titled “And Interview with….”, where we interview professionals from every level of the pharmaceutical industry.  This time we have hit the jackpot and scored an interview with a Regional Sales Manager who has been in the industry for over 16 years.  As is always the case, our interviewees remain anonymous to uncover the most honest information that we can.  The purpose being to get great insight into the industry

An Interview with a 15 Year Veteran of the Pharma Industry

Welcome to installment #6 of the interview series “An Interview with….”.  Thus far we have interviewed professionals that have held numerous positions in the industry and it is with great pride that we bring the latest installment to you.  This person was kind enough to lend his thoughts to as he has held many different positions in the industry from Territory Representative, Specialty Representative, Regional Sales Trainer, and District Manager.  All of these held positions

An Interview with a Contract Representative

Welcome to Installment #5 of our Interview Series titled “An Interview with….” where gains the insights of people from various positions across the pharmaceutical industry.  Through this interview series our hope is to bring you the honest thoughts and observations of those already doing it…those already in the industry in various capacities experiencing the day-to-day.  In this case we bring you the thoughts and observation of a contract representative.  For those of you that are unaware

An Interview with a (very experienced) Specialty Representative

Welcome to Installment #4 of the Interview Series “An Interview with….” where I interview an extremely experienced Specialty Representative from a traditional pharmaceutical company.  As you will see from the responses below, this is somebody who has been there and done that.  This person has held many positions within the industry and graciously brings those experiences to us here at  I couldn’t be more pleased with the responses I am getting from all of

An Interview with a District Manager

Welcome to Installment #3 of’s series titled: “An Interview With….“.  In our first installment we interviewed an Account Manager from Specialty Pharma and in our second we interviewed a traditional pharma Territory Representative.  We will do our best to gain the insights of people who have been in various positions throughout their pharmaceutical career and ask them general questions about their thoughts on the current state of the pharma industry and the future of the industry.

An Interview with a Territory Representative

Welcome to installment #2 of the series “An Interview with….”.  As said in previous posts, we have taken our contacts within the industry and asked them to answer a few general questions about the Pharmaceutical Industry and their experiences within the industry. We have done this to give you all some insight and perhaps something to read during your next sales call while you wait for a physician in the waiting room. The only thing we

An Interview with a Account Manager in Specialty Pharma is a site intended to bring pharmaceutical professionals together, give you all a place to connect, get good information from your peers, and also to help that young professional who is thinking of enetering the industry gain some important perspective on the industry.  It is with those thoughts in mind that we are embarking on our interview series titled…. “An Interview With….“ In the interview series, we will do our best to get the