Sales rep that ends day earlier than 5 PM

In the world of pharmaceuticals, every sales rep has a ton of autonomy.  In large part you are out there on your own pounding the pavement.  Each company in the industry has a very specific framework for what a day should look like.  Many tell you to make 10 calls a day.  Some companies want at least 8 calls a day.  Others say that they are looking for a specific quality of calls.  Nevertheless, it is

Does your Manager “get it”?

Everyone that has ever worked in a corporate position has had a manager.  If you worked or are working as a pharmaceutical professional, you likely have a District Manager.  Each manager brings different skills and attributes to the table. Some we love and some we hate.  The managers that we loved over the years, likely had qualities or professional traits that have stuck in your mind as qualities you would love to emulate if you

The Manager in Pharmaceuticals who becomes a Rep Again

Being a Manager in pharmaceuticals is no easy task.  Depending on the company you work for, the level of responsibility varies.  With that said, I understand firsthand what it is like to work for a company where the level of responsibility was tremendous.  You feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.  Additionally if you want to be good at it, there is no cutting corners, you are “all-in”….it is too hard to be

The Manager who just isn’t ready to be a Manager

In pharmaceutical sales today there is a lot going on that influences who will be your manager.  Mergers and acquisitions have been fairly prevalent of late and smaller companies are bringing new products to market and throwing together sales teams quickly or utilizing contract sales whom are as busy as ever.  Managed Care is and has become a tremendous burden to selling and more and more private offices are shutting reps out making access impossible.  As a result

Thoughts on Micromanagers

In my 11 years as a pharmaceutical professional, I have been extremely lucky to have excellent managers.  When I was a territory representative, I had three managers (due to turnover) each of whom brought something different to the table but all gave me the perfect amount of space to grow within my own style.  As a Specialty Representative, I had one manager who basically let me do as I pleased because my results were amazing, I was