The Opportunity with the Aging of America?

America is aging…there is absolutely no doubt about it.  Here is a little snippet from a New York Times article by Timothy Williams: By 2050, 83.7 million Americans will be 65 or older, compared with 43.1 million in 2012, the report said. Fewer than 10 percent were older than 65 in 1970. These numbers are astounding and will no less lead to increased disease state populations in the Alzheimer’s/Dementia category amongst others.  This in turn will lead

Are Pharma Reps Real Salespeople or just Promoters?

In our last post, we explored the jump from Pharma Sales to Medical Device sales.  Many in the medical device industry look down upon Pharma Reps many times flat out saying that Pharma Reps should not be hired as Medical Device Reps because they are not real salespeople.  The thought being that Pharma Reps do not actually sell anything to the end user.  They do not actually get someone to sign on the dotted line

Pharma Sales a Stepping Stone to Medical Devices?

We have all heard of that phrama rep that has transitioned from pharma sales to medical devices.  Often times people keep in touch with him/her to hear how awesome they are doing and how much money they are making.  Pharma reps start whispering to each other and thinking inside of their own minds that maybe they will explore such opportunities.  Pharmaceutical DM’s often have conversations with you lending their opinion and saying things like “the grass is not