Why are a lot of Doctors Socially Awkward?

Having been in the industry for 11+ years, I have come across some weirdo physicians!!  I mean in large part most physicians are nice people who are simply going to work each day like you and I, but for anyone who has been in this industry for any amount of time, you will undoubtedly come across some very awkward physicians.  In society there are plenty of socially awkward human beings but when it comes to

Are Rep Hating Physicians Bad Doctors?

Anyone who has ever sold a pharmaceutical product will tell you that there are plenty of rep hating physicians out there.  From my days in the field I can certainly think of a few…but let’s not name names.  You know those doctors who dismiss you with a look of disgust or simply ignore that you are even in their office until you become so fed up that you leave.  Or the doctors who feel it necessary to