Who are Pharma Professionals Voting for? (A Poll)

As we all know, the Presidential Election is getting closer by the moment.  The rhetoric is as feverish as it has ever been with insults being lobbed from both sides.  There are news channels taking sides, friends being lost over who they support, families are divided…but where does the pharma community stand?   Here is your chance as a pharma professional to anonymously vote.

Are More Pharma Reps Democrat or Republican?(A Poll)

In the spirit of the election season TalkPharma.com thought it would be appropriate to post about politics in the world of pharmaceuticals.  I mean here we are moving ever closer to a very pivotal election where our countries future will be decided by the decisions we make when we all go to the voting booths. Further, our industries future and the changes that come will also be decided with this upcoming election.  Will a Republican try

Pharmaceuticals and Politics

The pharmaceutical world was mentioned a few time in the various Republican Presidential debates. Last night Carly Fiorina spoke about how the 7 year trend of the federal government to inject itself in pretty much everything has led to businesses consolidating in an effort to grow in size and strength ultimately to handle the absurd amount of governmental regulation. As a result of the federal governments increased injection into everything including big business, the landscape