Don’t Complain about Pharma Reps if you Walk out of the Office with Free Samples

All Pharma reps have experienced the dirty looks directed at them by patients waiting in the waiting room.  I would say at least twice a day (maybe more) a pharma rep will walk into an office, speak to the gatekeeper, and be allowed behind the front desk to speak to the physician about their product(s)….all along the while receiving dirty looks from the patients who are sitting there waiting to see the physician themselves.  I

What to do if you get Passed Up for a Promotion?

Have you ever gone for that Specialty Rep position but the other person got it?  Or perhaps you went for that DM position but your were beaten out by the guy you know you are more talented than.  It is a tough pill to swallow but it happens to the best of us in every industry across the world including pharmaceutical sales.  Sometimes we lose, but what exactly can you do to exact your revenge

Do Pharmaceutical Reps “Phone it in” During the Holidays?

We all know that in the world of pharmaceutical sales there are ebbs and flows.  As a representative sometimes you have good days and sometimes you have bad days.  Sometimes your motivation is high and sometimes it is low. At times even your rankings are cyclical….there are quarters where you are moving on up and there are quarters when it seems as if there is no amount of selling skills that can keep you from

Love and Sex: Pharma Sales

In my many years of experience in the world of pharmaceutical sales, I have witnessed many instances colleagues embarking on relationships.  Love and sex is certainly not unique to the world of pharmaceuticals, as all industries have those that fall in love or embark on sexual relationships with people they work with.  It is only natural for people who work closely together to gain a fondness for each other over time. After all it is hard to ask the

Professionalism – What to wear on a POA flight?

When it comes to attire, many might say the world of pharmaceutical sales is rather conservative.  Compared to other industries, no matter how progressive we believe we are, the traditions of professionalism still persist today.  I have an opinion on the matter of professionalism and what to wear on a POA flight, but let’s let the industry and the professionals that embody it speak for themselves.  I took a poll of various professionals within the