Are Pharma Reps Real Salespeople or just Promoters?

In our last post, we explored the jump from Pharma Sales to Medical Device sales.  Many in the medical device industry look down upon Pharma Reps many times flat out saying that Pharma Reps should not be hired as Medical Device Reps because they are not real salespeople.  The thought being that Pharma Reps do not actually sell anything to the end user.  They do not actually get someone to sign on the dotted line

In Pharmaceutical Sales does Territory Matter?

When it comes to pharmaceutical sales, I think we would all like to believe that it is us who performed highly rather than the territory simply being a high performing territory.  I think we’d like to believe that it is us and not the cycles that all markets go through that led to success.  During my time as a territory representative in 5 straight years I never once finished outside of the top 12% nationally.

How to get over the daily grind of Pharmaceutical Sales

So you’re in week 2 on Tuesday again in your call cycle.  You have been doing this pharma rep thing for over a year now and it is starting to wear on you. When you started you were dedicated, motivated and ready to go!! But lately you have been feeling a little different. Your motivation is waning now and you have the daily grind blues.  You start to think the following:

Is Salesmanship in Pharmaceuticals Dead?

I have participated in and witnessed thousands and thousands of pharmaceutical sales calls in my career. When I first started, I was trained to give almost a scripted detail…and as a matter of fact my completion of the training requirements dictated that I had to hit all of the elements of a pharmaceutical sales call just to pass.  During training my role-play performance was measured by a trainer who had a checklist and as I

Salesmanship – The Lost Art of the Trial Close

There is nothing more fulfilling to a manager than seeing the fruits of his/her labor come to fruition. You know that moment when all of the coaching you have done seems to click with your representative and they execute the perfect sales call in front of a physician.  If you are a manager and you truly enjoy doing your job, you live for these moments.  It is so easy in this industry to get caught