Do Pharma Reps look at Pharma Sales as a Career?

Having spent eleven years in the pharma industry I am have seen my share of professionals. The personalities are varied.  I have worked with some unbelievably smart professionals, some intuitive and inventive individuals, some that utilized effort, will, and passion as their calling card, and yet others who seemed uninterested.  I was always the worker who looked at my job as a career and put maximum effort and passion into it but I was always was very

An Interview with a Regional Sales Manager

Welcome to installment #7 of our Interview Series titled “And Interview with….”, where we interview professionals from every level of the pharmaceutical industry.  This time we have hit the jackpot and scored an interview with a Regional Sales Manager who has been in the industry for over 16 years.  As is always the case, our interviewees remain anonymous to uncover the most honest information that we can.  The purpose being to get great insight into the industry

Are More Pharma Reps Democrat or Republican?(A Poll)

In the spirit of the election season thought it would be appropriate to post about politics in the world of pharmaceuticals.  I mean here we are moving ever closer to a very pivotal election where our countries future will be decided by the decisions we make when we all go to the voting booths. Further, our industries future and the changes that come will also be decided with this upcoming election.  Will a Republican try

Does the Division Manager Hate Field Rides more than Reps?

When it comes to a Division Manager in pharmaceutical sales, these professionals wear many hats.  In some companies they are responsible for everything from leading the POA meeting rooms, to performance reviews to teaching sales techniques, to furthering local, regional or national initiatives and so much more….they do it all.  Being that I have worked for more than one pharmaceutical company, I have learned that the role of the division manager slightly differs from company

Is Pharmaceutical Sales still a Great Industry?

The pharmaceutical sales industry was once an industry where thousands of young professionals longed to be. With innovative products hitting the market and the freedom as representatives to utilize your own creativity and salesmanship to sell, many were attracted to the once thriving profession.  But with so many changes and the increased scrutiny on the pharma industry, has the industry fallen on hard times?  Is the luster of the profession wearing off?

Do Pharmaceutical Reps “Phone it in” During the Holidays?

We all know that in the world of pharmaceutical sales there are ebbs and flows.  As a representative sometimes you have good days and sometimes you have bad days.  Sometimes your motivation is high and sometimes it is low. At times even your rankings are cyclical….there are quarters where you are moving on up and there are quarters when it seems as if there is no amount of selling skills that can keep you from

Pharmaceuticals and Politics

The pharmaceutical world was mentioned a few time in the various Republican Presidential debates. Last night Carly Fiorina spoke about how the 7 year trend of the federal government to inject itself in pretty much everything has led to businesses consolidating in an effort to grow in size and strength ultimately to handle the absurd amount of governmental regulation. As a result of the federal governments increased injection into everything including big business, the landscape

An Interview with a 15 Year Veteran of the Pharma Industry

Welcome to installment #6 of the interview series “An Interview with….”.  Thus far we have interviewed professionals that have held numerous positions in the industry and it is with great pride that we bring the latest installment to you.  This person was kind enough to lend his thoughts to as he has held many different positions in the industry from Territory Representative, Specialty Representative, Regional Sales Trainer, and District Manager.  All of these held positions

Thoughts on Pharmaceutical Programs

Programs have long been  a subject of controversy when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry.  For those of you who are unaware of what a pharmaceutical program is, it is a dinner (or less frequently a lunch) where a pharmaceutical organization pays a physician that they trained, to speak on a specific product to his/her peers.  Typically the pharmaceutical representative that is responsible for the territory in which the speaker practices, assists in setting up

Why is there a culture of fear in Pharma?

Maybe it’s the compliance heavy verbiage that all pharmaceutical representatives are required to verbalize on every call in an effort to have a fair and balanced conversation about products?  Perhaps it’s the ultra conservative environment or culture that most pharmaceutical companies still embody and operate in.  Or maybe it’s even the internal competitiveness that is created when type “A” personalities all wish to win and get promoted.  It could even be the fact that many