Love and Sex: Pharma Sales

In my many years of experience in the world of pharmaceutical sales, I have witnessed many instances colleagues embarking on relationships.  Love and sex is certainly not unique to the world of pharmaceuticals, as all industries have those that fall in love or embark on sexual relationships with people they work with.  It is only natural for people who work closely together to gain a fondness for each other over time. After all it is hard to ask the

In Pharmaceutical Sales does Territory Matter?

When it comes to pharmaceutical sales, I think we would all like to believe that it is us who performed highly rather than the territory simply being a high performing territory.  I think we’d like to believe that it is us and not the cycles that all markets go through that led to success.  During my time as a territory representative in 5 straight years I never once finished outside of the top 12% nationally.

Thoughts on Micromanagers

In my 11 years as a pharmaceutical professional, I have been extremely lucky to have excellent managers.  When I was a territory representative, I had three managers (due to turnover) each of whom brought something different to the table but all gave me the perfect amount of space to grow within my own style.  As a Specialty Representative, I had one manager who basically let me do as I pleased because my results were amazing, I was

Professionalism – What to wear on a POA flight?

When it comes to attire, many might say the world of pharmaceutical sales is rather conservative.  Compared to other industries, no matter how progressive we believe we are, the traditions of professionalism still persist today.  I have an opinion on the matter of professionalism and what to wear on a POA flight, but let’s let the industry and the professionals that embody it speak for themselves.  I took a poll of various professionals within the

The Media has Big Pharma all wrong!!

For those of us that have been in the world of pharmaceutical sales it has become almost laughable to read the negative portrayal of the pharmaceutical industry.  I have read article after article that has led me to believe a few things: The writers (even of large respectable periodicals) have not done their homework The writers of many of these articles have failed to gain the perspective of the other side…in other words, that varying

The Future of Pharmaceutical Sales?

In order to understand the future of pharmaceutical sales, we must understand where we came from.  When I started in this business eleven years ago, I would stop short of saying that it was the wild wild west, but it certainly was a lot different than what it is today.  When it comes to coverage, all of my medications were covered on straight Medicaid (back then it was not Managed Medicaid), there were so many

An Interview with a Contract Representative

Welcome to Installment #5 of our Interview Series titled “An Interview with….” where gains the insights of people from various positions across the pharmaceutical industry.  Through this interview series our hope is to bring you the honest thoughts and observations of those already doing it…those already in the industry in various capacities experiencing the day-to-day.  In this case we bring you the thoughts and observation of a contract representative.  For those of you that are unaware

How to get over the daily grind of Pharmaceutical Sales

So you’re in week 2 on Tuesday again in your call cycle.  You have been doing this pharma rep thing for over a year now and it is starting to wear on you. When you started you were dedicated, motivated and ready to go!! But lately you have been feeling a little different. Your motivation is waning now and you have the daily grind blues.  You start to think the following:

An Interview with a (very experienced) Specialty Representative

Welcome to Installment #4 of the Interview Series “An Interview with….” where I interview an extremely experienced Specialty Representative from a traditional pharmaceutical company.  As you will see from the responses below, this is somebody who has been there and done that.  This person has held many positions within the industry and graciously brings those experiences to us here at  I couldn’t be more pleased with the responses I am getting from all of

Coverage (or lack there of) is killing innovation!!

When I started out in this industry, I sold two medications.  One was in a class of its own and extremely effective and therefore covered extensively, the other was actually covered on New York Medicaid as well as everywhere else. Back then there was straight Medicaid and not managed Medicaid, but the fact was, I had very few obstacles with respect to managed care.  Getting the “Managed Care Objection” was not even a thing, I