Pharmaceutical Whistleblowers are Dangerous

The idea of whistleblowers in it of themselves is not concerning to me.  It is when that whistleblower utilizes a platform to tell half-truths to sell books and profit that I take umbrage with.  I recently came across the following video when doing research for my blog and I couldn’t be more disgusted because what she is doing is clearly dangerous.  Take a look:

Compensation: Are Pharmaceutical Reps Compensated Fairly?

When it comes to compensation, this is always a sensitive subject.  I have never come across anyone who believes they are overpaid.  When I speak to the many pharmaceutical reps that I have worked with in my career, all are either looking to move up in the company they work for (to make more money) or they are trying to do something on the side to increase their income.  I have heard of pharmaceutical representatives

Pharmaceutical Sales: Perception versus Reality

Unfortunately when it comes to pharmaceutical sales or the pharmaceutical industry in general, the perception of our industry by outsiders is very far from the reality we all know it to be.  If you surf the web and take a read of many of the blogs out there, you will read misinformed perspectives, half-truths, and flat out lies about who we are and what we do.  Frankly some of it makes me laugh because if you

The Pharmaceutical Sales Team Conference Call

If you are going to have a blog about pharmaceutical sales, you must have at least one post that speaks about the weekly conference calls that we all must endure in the pharmaceutical industry.  Though technology has grown quite a bit in the last ten years, it seems as if human nature remains at a standstill. At this point, though we are able to utilize webex and conference call technology that is so advanced that

Please don’t ask me to Role Play in front of the room!

Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry for more than a decade, I have seen my fair share of POA Meetings and I have seen them from so many different perspectives.  I have been there as a Territory Representative, a Specialty Representative, a Trainer, and a District Manager.  In each capacity your perspective is a little different.  Let’s take a look at the mindset of each:

Is Salesmanship in Pharmaceuticals Dead?

I have participated in and witnessed thousands and thousands of pharmaceutical sales calls in my career. When I first started, I was trained to give almost a scripted detail…and as a matter of fact my completion of the training requirements dictated that I had to hit all of the elements of a pharmaceutical sales call just to pass.  During training my role-play performance was measured by a trainer who had a checklist and as I

An Interview with a District Manager

Welcome to Installment #3 of’s series titled: “An Interview With….“.  In our first installment we interviewed an Account Manager from Specialty Pharma and in our second we interviewed a traditional pharma Territory Representative.  We will do our best to gain the insights of people who have been in various positions throughout their pharmaceutical career and ask them general questions about their thoughts on the current state of the pharma industry and the future of the industry.

Salesmanship – The Lost Art of the Trial Close

There is nothing more fulfilling to a manager than seeing the fruits of his/her labor come to fruition. You know that moment when all of the coaching you have done seems to click with your representative and they execute the perfect sales call in front of a physician.  If you are a manager and you truly enjoy doing your job, you live for these moments.  It is so easy in this industry to get caught

An Interview with a Territory Representative

Welcome to installment #2 of the series “An Interview with….”.  As said in previous posts, we have taken our contacts within the industry and asked them to answer a few general questions about the Pharmaceutical Industry and their experiences within the industry. We have done this to give you all some insight and perhaps something to read during your next sales call while you wait for a physician in the waiting room. The only thing we