An Interview with a Territory Representative

Welcome to installment #2 of the series “An Interview with….”.  As said in previous posts, we have taken our contacts within the industry and asked them to answer a few general questions about the Pharmaceutical Industry and their experiences within the industry. We have done this to give you all some insight and perhaps something to read during your next sales call while you wait for a physician in the waiting room. The only thing we

An Interview with a Account Manager in Specialty Pharma is a site intended to bring pharmaceutical professionals together, give you all a place to connect, get good information from your peers, and also to help that young professional who is thinking of enetering the industry gain some important perspective on the industry.  It is with those thoughts in mind that we are embarking on our interview series titled…. “An Interview With….“ In the interview series, we will do our best to get the

The Traveling District Manager

I have spent much of my career working in a major metropolitan area.  The result of this is having to drive to field rides in various parts of the geographies that I have been responsible for.  I admittedly (and shamefully) have complained about traffic and all of the rigors of metro area travel as if my professional life was sooooo difficult.  Perhaps the worst travel time I’ve had in my career to get to a

3 Must Have Items to Include in your Brag Book

During the pharmaceutical sales interview process, you will certainly have the opportunity to utilize your brag book to support your candidacy.  As someone who has interviewed countless candidates, I often get asked the question; What should I include in my brag book?  Here are three must have items to include in your brag book and why:

Pharmaceutical Interview – Five Items to be Prepared With

As someone who has interviewed countless candidates for Pharmaceutical Sales Representative positions, it always surprised me the variety of colorful characters that have sat before me.  Moreover, it is interesting to find that many had not done their research on exactly what to expect during the interview process.  A blog post will only grab your attention for so long, so I will try to keep it succinct, but here are my thoughts on five items to

What is the company car actually worth?

Anyone who has ever been in pharmaceutical sales knows the benefit of getting the company provided vehicle.  For those that are trying to break into the industry I have no doubt that through your research, you not only know this, but view it as a huge benefit.  I know that when I was a young professional trying to break into pharma sales, I looked at this as a tremendous selling point on the position and in Inaugural Post

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